Accepted paper ‘Rewild’ for the CTE in Nürnberg 2017

The Cultural Typhoon in Europe (CTE) provides a forum for young scholars (with a specialization in Media and Cultural Studies, Urban Planning, Anthropology or the Social Sciences) as well as social activists and artists with an interest in urban cultures and politics or textual and visual representations of the (future) city.

To facilitate a productive dialogue between academic, artistic and activist contributions, CTE experiments with a special open space format to create a dynamic laboratory, coordinated from a head quarter located in a futuristic model of a rocket. HEIZHAUS provided its garages, media studios, co-working-spaces and other facilities not only for the purpose of presenting papers, artistic installations and performances, but also to stimulate debate and exchange beyond academia.

Under the title: “Beware, Utopia! Virtual, Actual and Past Visions of Urban Futures” the conference organised exhibitions, lectures and workshops in Nürnberg from 22 till 24th of September.

A call for papers invited academics, artists and activists to imagine possible futures on which a panel discussion could take place during the conference. Below you see my entry, an abstract of 350 words that got selected.