Consultancy in sustainable design and development

In 2015 I started working as a consultant in local food strategies and systems thanks to the practices, the horziontal network and the knowledge I built during the pig project.

I took on an active role in the Ghent urban farming group and became a consulting member for the food council in Ghent.

Different actors in and outside the food system started to invite me to participate in their events, research, programs and activities, from policymakers, city labs, project developers, the different media, new initiatives, entrepreneurs, …

Other cities invited me for lectures or asked for specific consultancy in sustainable development.

In Ghent I also coach local food partners and start-ups in participation, collaboration, food(waste)programs and social innovation. I write project proposals, models and funding papers for peers and partners.



‘Nothing is lost’ festival, introduction debat
Consultant short-chain-contest ‘Vooruit
Input study Supurbfood
Key-note speaker Food Cabinet in Amsterdam
Krachtvoer in Antwerp
Key note presentation climatefriendly Leuven 2030
Newideals, Bozar
Speaker active citizenship Socius
Crosstalks Brussels, Occupy the city
Hack the city, Bruges
Moderation of debates Foodlabs Ghent
Co-production workshop, Vlaams Bouwmeester, a new perspective on waste