OPEN CALL for floating gardens

Deadline for submission of your project idea: 10th of August


We would like to invite you to imagine/create small islands around “Common Dreams”. To increase biodiversity, to create shelters for birds, to design floating gardens/farming on the water or to find solutions to filter water and/or use phytoremediation techniques.


500 years back Aztecs amazed the world with ‘Chinampa”, and create their own version of floating gardens, today we invite you to imagine your own Chinampa. A unique design for floating gardens as an ideal substitute for shortage of land.

Ghent is not flooded but we would like to challenge your imagination!

Imagine an edible island, as a floating garden intended as an additional underwater edge for life: a hotspot for frogs, birds and fishes. When the roots have really developed, it also becomes a means for additional water filtration and it increases water clarity. Water gardens could clean up the canal by filtering the toxins and pollutants out of the water and putting oxygen back into it.


No age limit on submissions and open to amateur and professionals.


Formulate your proposal in free format: up to 400 words plain text and 3 images. Indicate any materials and/or budget (We encourage you to think of recycling materials and specially materials that are organic and in symbiosis with the water and biodiversity around.) Max budget 500€. If relevant, please link to previous work and portfolio (if needed attach 1 PDF file).

Please send your application or any questions via email to:
Maria-Lucia (English):
Nathalie (Dutch):
Deadline for submission: 10th of August


Only one project will be implemented and attached to the island. However we will select 10 projects and have a showing of your design proposals on the island. (date to be confirmed). The selected applicants will be informed in the week on the 20th of August. The selection is a neighborhood decision: Your projects will be shared with the boat community, and together we will decide the final project.

This call is organized by Common Dreams: Flotation School with the support of city of Ghent and Kunstcentrum Vooruit.