The assembly of wise women

A feminist reclaiming of the commons, how would that look like?

Ghent is full of strong women, twelve of whom I want to receive at the editorial office DOK, using the office as an alternative space in which we can speak freely. I invited these women to a meeting that occurs 4 times (every six weeks) but each time deals with a different theme, responding to events that occur in 2018.

A word, an issue or a theme is shared and shaped in the council of wise women. In three different rounds we try to find new meanings and insights to open change while exploring and growing in group.

This event is inspired by new materialist feminist literature that puts at it’s center that “strong leaders” support each other and form a “team” (Donna Haraway, 2016, Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene), a project in which feminist scholars primarily re-examine domains that have always been designed by men and link a new language to them.

It is also inspired by intersectional feminism that asks that we consider the multiple positions that women and others have in society (Kimberly Krenshaw 1991).

The discussions are documented (audio) and lead to a final publication (almanac) with recurring information on certain topics. The intention is to repeat the meetings as a part of a process. The first publication will be a creatively designed as an almanac, or a summary of everything that has been said (language development, intersectionality, new materialism and quotes).